A 1,000 Fair Trade Towns in 10 Years!!

Just over 10 years ago, Bruce Crowther, his wife and their babysitter were sitting around the kitchen table in Garstang England and thought up the idea of creating Fair Trade Towns as a way to bring a greater level of attention to this important issue.

Their town became the first, and now there are over 1,000 Fair Trade Towns around the world. It was a great pleasure to meet Bruce (below, left) at a Fair Trade Conference that he and I spoke at in the Fall of 2011. Four of the 26+ Fair Trade Towns in America are Brattleboro, VT, and Amherst, Northampton and Conway Massachusetts.

Together, our purchases are transforming the lives of millions of farmers, workers and their families through fair prices, direct trade, access to credit, support for democratic cooperatives, protections for workers and the environment and investments in community development. Check out the growing list of Fair Trade Towns campaigns, participating retailers and supporting community organizations. Then start your campaign to add your town to the list! 

To learn more about the growing movement of Fair Trade Towns in the United States, please click here.

There are even Fair Trade Universities, so if you are a student or teacher please get your school or college involved, click here to see a cool video and to find out more.

-Daniel Finn