The Wind Turbine Is Up!!

Thank you to Berkshire East, the town of Charlemont, Greenfield Savings Bank, Sustainable Energy Development, Powerwind, many construction crews and everyone else involved for seeing this great project through to a great success!!

A few of the facts:

*This machine will power 100% of our facility and will have a lot of electricity to sell back to the grid. This makes Berkshire East the first ski area in the world to produce all of its electricity from an onsite, renewable source.

The turbine will generate approximately 2.2 million kWh of electricity each year.

*You could reach similar savings in greenhouse gasses by ...

*Planting 85,356 trees per year
*Driving 2,338,400 less miles per year
*Burning 94,372 less gallons of fuel oil per winter
*Is made by Powerwind, and is considered one of the best manufactured turbines on the market
*We spent nearly 3 years researching this project, spent 7 months in permitting and considered many different options
*The turbine is 291 feet tall
*Each blade is 91' long
*The hub and three blades went up together in one piece
*This machine is located nearly 3500 feet from the nearest house
*Is located about a mile from Charlemont
*Spins at about 20 rpm

It was wonderful to be skiing up at Berkshire East and see the wind generator start up and begin spinning for the first time. Please see their site at: Berkshire East.

-Daniel Finn



Great to see this up and running after such a long process. Thanks to all who stuck with it. And thanks Dan for the fun comparative facts. You are a wealth of information. Do you know if Berkshire East would allow a SET 4-H club up for a tour/talk about how wind power works and why is works for their business? land-wise, economic expectations and what does it mean to sell back to grid and where that electricity ultimately ends up. I would like to connect the dots on how it connects to the communities and eventually to them (the kids). Better yet, how to put, in real time, that this will be a possibility for the home they buy/build for themselves and businesses that they start or contribute to. So many people still think wind and solar are decades away and too expensive to invest in. I'd like to prove this to be in-consistent with findings certainly in the long run.. Maybe we'll combine it with snow tubing or skiing? If you think this would be something B.E. would do, could you get me a contact name/info? Happy New Year and thanks! -Susan