VegaYoga & Movement Arts

VegaYoga & Movement Arts

VegaYoga & Movement Arts

Address: 4 Open Square Way, Studio 221
Town: Holyoke, MA
Telephone: (413) 519-4966
Web site:

At VegaYoga & Movement Arts, we bring together a wide range of trained teachers with a wealth of knowledge and a desire to make yoga accessible to all people, no matter what age or skill level.

Embracing our "Yoga for the People" philosophy, VegaYoga has a schedule unlike anyone else in the Valley! Aside from offering classes for beginning to advanced students, we offer weekly Children and Teen Classes, Yoga in the Chair, and Yoga en Español, working to reach all members of our community.

Located in the Historic Mill District of Holyoke, VegaYoga is nestled inside Building 4 of the Open Square Mill Complex, originally built by the Whiting Paper Company. With its original wood floors, original brick, and large windows overlooking the canal, this 100+ year-old building provides us a yoga studio that symbolizes reuse and renewal.

Additionally, Open Square generates it own electricity from a water-powered turbine that uses the same waterpower of the original canals that helped build Holyoke. In keeping with Open Square's built-in Green Energy, we chose to use environmentally friendly products in our space wherever we could. This includes everything from the "Fresh-Air" brand of paint on the wall to the recycled paper products around the studio, helping VegaYoga & Movement Arts to reduce our own carbon footprint on the world.

As seen here in our sun filled studio, whenever possible, we also incorporate natural daylighting to reduce our electricity needs.

In our infant friendly yoga classes as seen above or our simultaneous Children's/Adult yoga classes, we provide a family-friendly atmosphere, where children and parents can practice together.

We strongly feel families who practice together create strong bonds that transfer into everyday family life. All of the same physical, mental and de-stressing benefits which yoga provides to adults are also very important to children, especially in this fast-paced world we live in. Yoga is a gift that children can carry with them into the rest of their childhood and the rest of their lives.

Going along with our "Yoga for the People" philosophy, our approach to yoga is to help people explore ways to relieve the stress in their body, increase strength and flexibility, and create a general over-all sense of wellbeing. Our students receive tools and teachings that can be utilized throughout their life.

Please click here to see our list & schedule of classes.