Valley Free Radio

Valley Free Radio

Valley Free Radio

Town: Northampton, MA 01060
Telephone: (413) 585-1033
Web site:

Valley Free Radio is a non-profit, community based and volunteer run radio station for the Greater Northampton area. We seek to educate, inspire, and entertain through programming that reflects the diversity of the local community. We seek to provide a space for media access and education, placing equipment, skills, and critical tools in the hands of the community. We aim to serve with particular regard for those overlooked or under-represented by other media and to provide for the exchange of cultural and intellectual ideas and music.

Valley Free Radio (VFR) was established in 2006 to, among other things, offer the airwaves to the community at large and those underrepresented.  We are a non-commercial, volunteer-run radio station.  We exist mainly on the hard work of our talent and the support of local businesses and individual donations. We are a low power FM station with a listening radius of about 20 miles around Northampton.  We are also streaming worldwide on

Our shows themselves represent a broad swath of interests and passions in our towns and neighborhoods.  We have programming representing diverse groups from the political to the artistic; music genres from tango to classical, and blues to rock.

Have you listened to The VFR Morning Shows, The Enviro Show, Bread & Roses, Truthquake, or Occupy the Airwaves? Our programming includes both locally produced and programming from Pacifica Radio, such as Democracy Now!, Flashpoints and Free Speech Radio News.  We have daily world news from Al Jazeera and commentary and reaction from The David Pakman Show.  VFR is also home to the spiritual and religious, eclectic music, and children’s programming.  And where else but VFR can you find local poets reciting the crafted word or hear short fiction? Click here to see our schedule.

As a community radio station, we are always updating our schedule with new and fresh programming.   Please visit our website at to see a current schedule and show descriptions.

Find us at 103.3 FM