Urban Power USA

Urban Power USA

Urban Power USA

Address: 180 Pleasant ST
Town: Easthampton, MA 01027
Telephone: (413) 348-8906
Web site: http://www.urbanpowerusa.com/

We design and build a new patented type of vertical axis wind turbine called the Urban Turbine to be placed on top of existing flat roof structures with reasonable wind. Our wind turbines allow you to produce electricity in lower wind speeds and in areas that are not considered viable for typical wind generators. 

Our turbine is low cost, lightweight, bird/bat friendly, makes no noise and works well in urban environments. The Urban Turbine is exceptionally versatile and can be specifically adapted to virtually any environment. The Turbine can be stacked to optimize available roof space and increase the amount of electricity produced. By selling the renewable energy credits, it is very likely that our turbine would pay for itself in 18 months to two years. 

While our wind turbines are manufactured right here in Western Massachusetts in the city of Easthampton, they can work anywhere.

Mission Statement
Urban Power USA Inc. is committed to promoting low cost environmentally friendly wind generated electricity to all people. 

Urban Power USA won runner up in the "Next World Changing Idea" contest in energy by Scientific American Magazine. You will find us in the December 2010 Issue or click here to see a video about our company and how our wind turbines were invented (ours is the 3rd segment down).

Please click here to see the wind turbines currently available as well as what is still in the design phase.

For more information on investing, purchasing our wind turbines and/or becoming a distributor, please be in touch with us through our Contact Us page!