Treefrog Landscapes

Treefrog Landscapes

Treefrog Landscapes

Address: PO Box 1103
Town: Northampton, MA, 01061
Telephone: (413) 586-8735
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At Treefrog, we believe our connection to the earth as human beings is sacred. This connection is something that we seek to celebrate by infusing into the landscape a level of depth that engages people's senses, both physically and mentally. Examples of what we use to achieve this goal are the vibrant color of flowers, the abundance of fruit, the tranquility of water, and the texture and character of stone- just to name a few.

When such enlivening elements are combined with the time-tested principles of sound design and proper construction true integration takes place.

We work to connect people with their surroundings so that they can enjoy a harmonious, low maintenance, regenerative landscape and thus, an enduring and inspiring connection to the land.

Design - We offer design sevices for residential, commercial or institutional clients. Our goal is to provide beautiful landscapes that are highly functional and tailored to fit each site effectively. We work closely with our clients to meet their specific needs, goals and dreams.

- Site Planning
- Master Plans
- Building Siting
- Gardens:
- Perennials/ Herb
- Native Meadows
- Gourmet/Medicinal
- Sacred Space

Installation - Treefrog provides a wide range of installation services that are carried out with over two dozen years of accumulated landscape construction experience behind us. We take pleasure in our craftsmanship and it shows in our work. Treefrog is committed to offering competitive rates and superior construction.

- Trees, Shrubs & Perennials
- Patios
- Paths/Walkways
- Dry Stone Walls
- Water Features
- Roof Gardens
- Native Meadows
- Organic Plant Care/ Pruning

Consultation - Treefrog offers consulting services with a goal of creating integration in the landscape. This ranges from managing the landscape at a residential construction site to counseling institutions about ecologically sound development.