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For those who care about environmental quality and economic strength locally, ReEnergizer is simply the best choice for used cooking oil recycling. After collecting the oil we filter out food waste and water then resell it to replace diesel fuel and heating oil. We compost the food waste and everything is used to improve the environment.

Many suppliers choose to donate used cooking oil to ReEnergizer, but we will pay market prices for it. Our suppliers include restaurants, grocery stores, cafeterias, food service providers, schools, retirement homes, hospitals and institutions. ReEnergizer provides free account set-up, free containers and professional, courteous service. Customers of our suppliers love ReEnergizer's mission and we actively inform our supplier's customers through on-site-, social media-, and e-marketing.

Whether you believe in global warming a little or a lot, love engines that make things go really fast (we do) or would rather ride a bike (we do that too), it makes sense for all of us to do what we can to promote the use of green fuels.

Plant-based fuels provide clean, green energy and no net gain of carbon dioxide, the main cause of global warming. Plant fuels are renewable resources and the renewal cycle is quick, often several harvests a year.

Only 30% of America's energy needs are met by resources in North America. Do we need fuel? You bet, but should our soldiers fight for it in hostile foreign territory!? Growing as much as we can will help achieve security at home and still keep our engines running. Finally, harvesting fuel from plants sure beats sucking or ripping it from beneath the earth's surface. Harvesting oil-seed crops won't leave behind devastating oil spill damage, stripped landscapes, or mines collapsing and trapping miners underground.

Own a restaurant or other food establishment and want ReEnergizer to pick up your waste vegetable oil?.

We provide:

Top Prices Paid for Used Cooking Oil
Free Containers
Free record-keeping for municipal compliance
Free Advertising

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