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Paws For A Cause

Town: Leverett, MA 01054
Telephone: (413) 768-0180
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Is there anything in this world better than a dog? Here at Paws For A Cause, we don't think so. Whether you're in a rut and need a friend, or are on your way up and want to share your joy, a dog makes everything better. But not every dog gets the chance to brighten a life. Far too often man's best friend is neglected or mistreated. At Paws For A Cause we want to change that.

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Paws For A Cause donates 10% of gross sales to dog shelters.  That means when you buy one of our $20 collars, $2 goes directly to shelters.  Nothing means more to us than dogs!

We currently partner with two outstanding shelters in New England: Our Companions Animal Rescue and Dakin Humane Society.   As we grow we will be adding new partners - so make sure to keep an eye on our Partners page!

Not only do we love dogs - we also love our country.  And never has it been more important to support American manufacturers.  In this age of outsourcing, more and more American jobs are being lost, eroding our communities and quality of life.

At Paws For A Cause we don't outsource anything.  We seek out manufacturers committed to keeping the process at home.  From our ribbon and webbing, to the metal and plastic parts we use in our products, all are US made.  So please join in our support of American manufacturing.

Looking to adopt? Click here to give a dog a forever home.