Noble Home, LLC

Noble Home, LLC

Noble Home, LLC

Address: PO BOX 476
Town: Shelburne Falls, MA 01370
Telephone: (413) 623-3733
Web site:

Noble Home rises to the challenge of humane architecture, appropriate design, modern living, and always treads lightly no matter your location, climate, budget or technical skill. If you haven’t yet, you may click here to download our complete guide.

Noble Homes supplies a kit of precut post and beam framing, roofing, cladding and windows, all from green materials like compressed straw panelling and wood siding. It is a shell only, with owner supplying the foundation and main floor, as well as interior casework, electrical and plumbing.



Noble Home's net zero energy design is currently on the drawing boards and can be implemented very soon!

While our standard Noble Home designs are energy efficient, and a fair amount of heat can be derived through simple passive solar heating, some architecural elements are preventing the home from easily being a comfortable net zero energy or off-grid home.

Now, with the new Noble Home Z design, customers have the option of easily reaching the net zero energy or off-grid goal. With a tighter, better insulated building shell and the introduction of our solar hot air heating panels, we can meet nearly all heating needs affordably. The LED lighting that we typically specify, along with energy efficient appliances, will keep electric demand low enough for a photovoltaic array to meet, whether it be grid-tied or tied to house battery storage. The construction of Noble Home Z is very similar to the 20' and 16' models. Right away, it is noticeable that the rafter tails and clerestory windows are gone and a more modern, better insulated overhang takes their place.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about this new development.