Let Us Move Together - Consulting & Publications

Let Us Move Together - Consulting & Publications

Let Us Move Together - Consulting & Publications

Address: 1005 Burts Pit Rd
Town: Florence, MA 01062
Telephone: (413) 478-1241
Web site: http://www.letusmovetogether.org

Together Northampton strives to provide a platform for local organizations and projects to broadcast in-depth content about their work to all of Northampton. We look to partner with groups whose work reflects our principle of “we’re all in this together”.  By choosing to publish your work in Together Northampton, you are gaining access to every home and business in Northampton, Florence and Leeds for a fraction of the cost of pursuing a similar mailing independently. Additionally, your content is produced professionally by a editorial and design staff that understand how to compose outreach for non-profits; articulating your message and encouraging action.

Click here to read on-line the issues that have come out so far.

Here are some of the key ideas that have inspired me over the years and led to the development of Let Us Move Together and Together Northampton:

My dream is for Together Northampton to highlight and encourage the many ways in which our community is working in cooperative, collaborative, and democratic ways to meet life’s basic necessities and improve the happiness and well-being of all. I hope this resource guide will help our community become more informed about and engaged in the great work our neighbors are leading and inviting us to join.

If you are interested in being a Community Partner in a future issue, please contact Prakash:
or (413) 478-1241.

Prakash Laufer





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