Kringle Candle Company

Kringle Candle Company

Kringle Candle Company

Address: 220 South Street
Town: Bernardston, MA 01337
Telephone: (413) 648-3077
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Kringle Candle's distinctive crisp, white shades fit every decor scheme with understated elegance. No matter what scent or style you select, these carefully-crafted candles are an ideal match for every setting in every room.

The ultra-fragrant Kringle Candle line unites the best of the traditional and the new with exciting candle products designed to mesh with virtually any decor. We've worked hand-in-hand with the industry's finest perfumers to select an array of robust, realistic candle fragrances. The all-white concept not only blends perfectly into all backdrops, it emits the purest, brightest light possible.

My Dad and I are still working together to create a new kind of candle business focusing on exceptional product quality and outstanding customer service, plain and simple. We pledge to you that we'll remain wholly American-owned and operated, never straying from our singular mission of making only superior, honest candles that you'll want to have in your home.

We're very proud of our candles, and I think you will be pleased with them too.

Mike Kittredge III

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Store Hours 10am - 6pm, Seven days a week

Creating long-lasting, clean-burning scented candles is part science, part art. Come enjoy what we have created.