Jump Start Coaching

Jump Start Coaching

Jump Start Coaching

Address: P.O. Box 60139
Town: Florence, MA 01062
Telephone: (413) 329-5263

Feeling stuck? Looking for a career/life chaange? Thinking of starting a small business? Want to improve profits and morale at your current enterprise? Is fear blocking you from moving forward? I can help. I coach people of all ages and walks of life to improve their lives and relationships, and expand their best efforts. You may know what to do, but aren't doing it. We'll explore why and get you moving. Stressed? Pressured? You'll learn easy steps to reducing stress and creating balance. Do you put everyone first but yourself? Let's talk. Over twenty years experience in career coaching at the Smith College Career Development Office, and a thriving private practice, helping people to find the answers that lie within and the resources to go forward and live life fully.

Authentic, vibrant coaching, working with individuals and organizations for the best results and new perspectives. I offer an array of seminars and training, including the MBTI and effective communication skills, team building, stress reduction and creating balance, and more.

Having trouble saying "no"? It's time to say "yes!" to yourself. What do you do for self-care? How can you put yourself first? I'll give you tools to do so.

Stress can take its toll when we're there for everyone but ourselves. How do you show up in your life? What's your energy like? Need help and ideas to reduce stress and increase energy?

I continue to meet with individual clients by phone or in my Western Mass. office. Everyone could use a coach. Let me be yours.

Looking forward to hearing from you