Jo Landers Business Services

Jo Landers Business Services

Jo Landers Business Services

Address: 27 Howard Ave
Town: Easthampton, MA 01027
Telephone: (413) 529-9954
Web site:

Jo Landers Business Services offers a cost-effective way for small businesses, not-for-profits, and sole proprietors to gain access to specialized skills they may not have in-house, without the long-term expense of hiring and training an employee for expertise they may need just a few hours a week or a few times a year.

Our services fill the niche between those offered by full-service financial, marketing and design companies and those provided by unskilled or semiskilled vendors. This allows our clients to focus on what they want to do — growing their business — without needing to develop the specialized skills required to keep their finances or website running smoothly. We see ourselves as the first place a small or medium-sized business goes to when it needs expertise that it lacks in-house. When we can’t meet a need ourselves, we are often able to refer clients to one another, helping build local business relationships throughout the community!

Visit us online and check out the free version of the popular employee cost calculator, which allows you to calculate the true cost of an employee, including benefits, payroll taxes, and other employer-paid expenses.

Services Include:

Bookkeeping, accounting and cash flow management on a weekly, monthly or as-needed basis at your office or mine, or remotely. We are located in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

Payroll services, including direct deposit, vacation and sick time accrual, and state and federal payroll tax calculations and filings, for a flat monthly fee.

Quickbooks set-up and training, including specialized support for nonprofits and businesses that work with subcontractors, such as assistance with cost allocation, grant tracking, and 1099 and insurance audit requirements.

Typesetting & graphic design, specializing in catalogs, books, technical manuals, and other information-dense pieces, for print, pdf or e-pub. Proofreading, copy editing and indexing services are also available.

Website and navigation design and coding utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP W3C-compliant code to improve the ability of your audience to use your site. We also offer WordPress site management, and WordPress custom theme and plugin development.

Search engine optimization (SEO) by ensuring that key elements of your site (head content, titles, images, links, and text) all work together to reinforce one another and improve organic search rankings.

PHP/MySQL custom database development and user interface design.

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