Jacob's Ladder Business Association

Jacob's Ladder Business Association

Jacob's Ladder Business Association

Address: PO Box 19
Town: Huntington MA 01050-0019
Web site: http://www.jlba.org/

Come to the hills of Western Massachusetts. Come explore the towns and tiny villages of Jacob's Ladder Trail.

Who we are

The JLBA is a group of people with a goal of facilitating business opportunities in the hilltowns, while recognizing and preserving the natural beauty, neighborliness, and resources of the area. The JLBA works hard to promote the "Buy Local" concept. We also strive to build a support network for the diverse businesses that currently exist and promote attitudes that will encourage new business.

Just as the hilltowns are recognized for recreational opportunities, they are equally known for their diverse and far-flung stores, restaurants and cottage businesses. The low population density which gives our area its rural charm is a marketing challenge in conventional terms.

As business people in the hilltowns, the members of the JLBA are well acquainted with the problems of reaching a market in our area. Our strength lies in our diversity. By maintaining an open line of communication among our membership, we make available the combined business experiences of dozens of business people faced with the same obstacles. Tapping into this network offers the solutions, sometimes mundane, sometimes wildly creative, to these common marketing problems.

The JLBA gives its membership more political clout. By speaking with a unified voice, we have an opportunity to shed more light on the needs of our area with our political representatives. If you live in the hilltowns of western MA, your business is here, or you wish to do business here, you should join us!

Advantages of Membership

 Your $35 membership in the Jacob's Ladder Business Association brings you these important benefits:

  • Listing on the JLBA website
  • Featured business eligibility
  • Informative newsletter
  • Networking opportunities
  • Diverse membership base
  • Unified political voice
  • Community service
  • Commercial benefits
  • Free or discounted advertising and marketing opportunities

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Shopping locally saves time and gas, and it helps pay for our schools, roads, police and fire departments. Please shop Hilltown businesses. It's good for all of us!

Come visit. Bring the kids, bring friends and family. We're not too fancy and we can't predict the weather, but, whenever you come, wherever you go, we'll make one promise: To do our best to give you a truly memorable vacation and an extra friendly welcome in the Hills of Jacob's Ladder.