Hampshire Council of Governments

Hampshire Council of Governments

Hampshire Council of Governments

Address: 99 Main Street
Town: Northampton, MA 01060
Telephone: (413) 584-1300
Web site: http://www.hampshirecog.org/

The Hampshire Council of Governments is a consortium of towns solving local problems by acting regionally. In 1998 the residents of Hampshire County voted to charter the Hampshire Council of Governments as the successor to Hampshire County. Our offices are still in the same place they have been since 1662, at the corner of King and Main in downtown Northampton.

We use regional cooperation to solve shared local challenges and we do so in a financially sustainable manner.

We are guided by these core principles:

We are financially self-reliant; 
We are local and keep our investments local;
We are working to be environmentally sustainable;
We are creative, innovative, and action-oriented.

Programs and Services:


While any municipality can save money by utilizing our programs and services, our member communities benefit from additional advantages. If your community is not a member, you are leaving money on the table. We save tax payer money. Contact your municipal leaders and urge them to join the Council or contact us for more information on how your community can save more money by joining the Council.


We are not your typical governmental entity.
We solve problems.
We save taxpayer money.
We do.
We act.