Greenfield Business Association

Greenfield Business Association

Greenfield Business Association

Address: 395 Main Street, P.O. Box 898
Town: Greenfield, MA 01302
Telephone: (413) 774-2791
Web site:

The Greenfield Business Association strives to develop, maintain, and promote the economic, environmental, and cultural assets of our classic New England Town.


The Greenfield Business Association works to address the concerns of a diverse and evolving business community. To that end, it espouses a philosophy of commitment, community and cooperation.

The GBA seeks to develop a membership focused on working toward the accomplishment of its objectives in a spirit of optimism and professionalism.

The GBA strives to improve the marketability of Greenfield and to market our community to targeted businesses, industries and tourism organizations.

Economic Development

* Retail Marketing Committee
* Commercial Development Committee
* Industrial Park Committee
* Downtown Master Planning Committee
* Industrial Park Expansion
* Prospective Business/Technical Services Consultation
* "Green Town" Development
* Streetscape


* Cooperative Advertising
* Targeted Media Campaigns
* Membership Discounts
* Landmark Ornament Collection
* Member Newsletter
* Marketing Publication Production
* Town and regional Directories
* Marketing Committee Projects
* N.E.S.E.A. Park Review Team
* Monthly Business Seminars

*Greenfield Business Association Web Site

"We feel that it is important that all businesses in Greenfield work together, and the GBA is really the only way to do that! It's great for networking, meeting other business people in a fun, non-work environment to discuss ideas, and for providing opportunities to work as a group to help improve our town."

Ann Banash