Earth Thrives (GreenComm, INC)

Earth Thrives (GreenComm, INC)

Earth Thrives (GreenComm, INC)

Address: PO Box 550
Town: Greenfield, MA 01301
Telephone: (413) 376-8110
Web site:

EarthThrives began as a project in mid-2007 as a site of videos showing people in the Pioneer Valley addressing the issue of sustainability. It has developed into the face of the green, local and sustainable movement in the Pioneer Valley. 

Features on EarthThrives include a shared calendar, videos of Valley residents going green, press releases and articles related to everything local, green or sustainable with plans to expand!

There are several ways you can Get Involved and invest your expertise or donate funds with Earth Thrives:

* Got a green story to tell or video to share?

* Tell us about Events in your neighborhood. 

* Submit a Website or Resource

* Submit a Press Release

Oh, by the way, did we mention it's FREE to register with Earth Thrives?!

The other main project of GreenComm, INC is Taking Green Virtual (TGV) which works with organizations to determine the best use of resources for their online presence.  Organizations interested in learning more should go here.

The GreenComm, INC mission is to facilitate on-line, communications, and/or Internet services for groups and individuals engaged in locally-oriented, green, sustainable or other missions as determined by the directors. This includes providing services, arranging for services and training in the use of these services.  GreenComm, INC is in the process of applying to the IRS for it's 501(c)3 status and so is not yet tax exempt.  In any case your donation and commitment to making your community and the Pioneer Valley a better and more sustainable place will allow Earth Thrives will allow to continue its valuable part in making those things happen happen. 

So sign up, donate and shout it from the rooftops. Earth Thrives is where it's at!