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Co-op Power

Address: 296 Nontuck ST, #4
Town: Florence, MA 01062
Telephone: (413) 772-8898/(877) 266-7543
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Co-op Power in a Nutshell

We have 312 members and 4,800 supporters in New England and New York who are committed to a sustainable energy future. We have engaged in dialog over the past five years to build consensus about how to best support our transition to a sustainable energy future. As a result, we have raised more than $225,000 in Member Equity to support the development of community-scale clean energy projects and to build Co-op Power.

We have installed 30 solar hot water systems and another 25 renewable energy systems generating more than 90 kilowatts of electricity. Co-op Power Members have received $4,000 in rebates on bioheat, $23,703 in rebates on clean energy systems, and $319,236 in incentives for clean energy systems.

Co-op Power has created an innovative capital structure and researched a wide variety of corporate structures that enable communities to partner with investors to create community-owned green jobs and green energy. We have built a team of engineers, financial experts, green building specialists, community economic developers, lawyers and business planners who can help groups of people in a community research, design, capitalize, and launch their community owned sustainable energy businesses. Communities can access these resources on a consulting basis or they can join Co-op Power participate in all our member programs.

Co-op Power is working with groups of people across the region to create community-owned green jobs and green energy - including community scale solar, wind, biofuel, and biomass projects as well as a variety of small "green job" business development projects.

Co-op Power is a member-owned organization. For information on joining and the benefits of membership go to "Join Co-op Power". If you're interested in sustainable energy, and if you own your home or drive a diesel vehicle, this is one co-op you can't afford not to join. Others join because they're committed to our mission. We are committed to putting benefits in place for renters soon.

Check out "Recent Changes" in the bottom right corner of your screen to see the most recent contributions to this site.

You can see our list of frequently asked questions and ask questions of your own at "The Information Desk."

You can find out about purchasing affordable, clean energy with great discounts in "Clean Energy Products and Services." How about saving $200 to $600 on a solar hot water kit? Or saving 5-10 cents a gallon on your heating oil?

Co-op Power runs on volunteer energy. Our joint purchasing opportunities are offered with great discounts for members because of the great work volunteers do. In the "Volunteer Work Room" you can let us know what you can do to help!

A description of our vision and mission, staff and board, our member meeting notes, and our by-laws are in "About Co-op Power."

The "Co-op Power Energy Resource Center" is where we collect information to share with each other about how to stop losing energy dollars, how to use more renewable energy, and how we can build more renewable energy resources in our region. It uses special software (called a "wiki") so that we can edit the information together. Please put up your questions and share information you have with others.

Co-op Power is a multi-class, multi-racial movement for a sustainable and just energy future.