Common Good Finance

Common Good Finance

Common Good Finance

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Town: Ashfield, MA 01330 USA
Telephone: (413) 628-3336
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We envision a society in which communities everywhere gather to decide for themselves what their funding priorities should be. For example, communities might choose to fund sustainable agriculture and energy systems and local self-reliance. Communities might choose to ensure that everyone has healthy food, a home, healthcare, satisfying work, and a livable world -- a Common Good Economy.


Our mission is to design and create the framework for that new economy by integrating a fast-growing mutual credit system with a new type of bank account, so that community-centered decision-making, credit creation, innovation, cooperation, and economic justice can connect seamlessly to the current mainstream economy. This hybrid system lets us have tomorrow's economy today -- serving also as a transitional system that can lead us quickly to a society that benefits everyone.



At the heart of our design for a Common Good Economy is a revolutionary community credit system called rCredits™. The success of that system will give community-spirited banks and credit unions a strong incentive to offer rCredits Accounts as an option to their customers. The "r" in rCredits means the system belongs to us, all of us together.

rCredits combines features from successful alternative credit systems, adding a few technology innovations and procedures to ensure a secure, profitable experience for everyone. rCredits is designed to serve as the framework for a new democratic economic system that puts people and planet first -- a model easily adopted by individuals and businesses in any community, so that everyone can have healthy food, a home, healthcare, satisfying work, and a livable world.

We plan to launch rCredits in Greenfield, Massachusetts mid 2012, expanding quickly to other communities in the months that follow.

Real democracy. Real money. Real power.