Common Capital

Common Capital

Common Capital

Address: 4 Open Square Way, Suite 407
Town: Holyoke, MA 01040
Telephone: (413) 420-0183
Web site:

Our Mission:

Common Capital is a private, nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution working to strengthen communities by creating economic opportunities for low- and moderate-income people in Western and Central Massachusetts.

Financing for Common Good:

We have developed seven drivers to guide our allocation of capital, and are actively seeking to fund projects, nonprofits and businesses that support these drivers and contribute to the community.

Creating and retaining jobs
Providing opportunity for low-income people
Providing essential community services
Rejuvenating neighborhoods
Developing sustainable environmental practices
Supporting businesses with local ownership
Recirculating local dollars

Our primary role is to bring financial and business resources to western and central Massachusetts in order to stimulate economic growth and foster a stable regional economy. We are based in Holyoke, Mass. and serve the Western Massachusetts region which includes Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin, and Berkshire Counties in Western Massachusetts, as well as northern Worcester County in Central Massachusetts.

What We Do:

* We have worked with 400 businesses in our 23 year history. We support businesses in the creative, services, retail and manufacturing industries.

* Provide capital to businesses - Common Capital is committed to making loans to businesses and organizations within our service area which do not have access to sufficient capital through traditional channels. Through our work with regional and national partners we are able to bring a wide range of business and lending resources to our local borrowers. In keeping with our mission, Common Capital lending targets businesses which can have the greatest impact on the local economy by providing critical goods and services, filling gaps in products and services needed, and creating or maintainging local jobs.

* Provide business mentoring and support - Through our network of providers and partners, local businesses and entrepreneurs have access to technical assistance that can increase their potential for success. Technical assistance covers a wide range of services, including developing strong business plans and marketing strategies, exploring financing options, and assisting with basic business functions such as human resource management, accounting and legal services.

* Work with business and community organizations to grow and strengthen the region's economy - We work closely with an array of partners, dedicated to a strong local economy, to identy challenges faced by local small businesses and to bring effective solutions to bear. These partners include: banks, economic development agencies, community development corporations, chambers of commerce, Federal, State and local agencies, legislative resources, private investors, business owners, and others. We believe that by combining efforts, skills, and a shared commitment to the success of local businesses, we will create a vital network which fosters a vibrant, self-sustaining regional economy.


Please see our website for more details and please call if we can be of help.