the butler, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners

the butler, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners

the butler, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners

Address: 23 Cady Street
Town: Ludlow, MA 01056
Telephone: (413) 583-8333
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the butler Guarantee
To use only the finest equipment and materials at all times. If this is not the finest cleaning method you have experienced and you feel that you cannot honestly recommend us to a friend the job will cost you nothing!

About Us
The butler carpet and upholstery cleaners was founded in 1980 by Carl Mesheau with the corporate mission of offering Clean, Dependable, Service. Guaranteed! Using only the finest detergents and equipment, the butler carpet and upholstery cleaners quickly developed a reputation for excellence. This reputation continues to grow and define us today.

After thirty years, the butler stays at the forefront of the cleaning industry by constantly upgrading our equipment and continued training of our cleaning specialists. We know our customers have high expectations and we have succeeded in meeting them for 30 years.

Why & How Often should you have Your Carpets Cleaned?
Having your carpets and furniture professionally cleaned on a regular basis (every 12 - 18 months) is an important way to maintain a healthy indoor environment. This cleaning helps with extracting dust, soil, pet dander and other allergens that regular vacuuming cannot remove; improving the overall environment for your family and pets.

Our Services
All backed in writing
Residential Carpet Cleaning
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Residential Upholstery Cleaning
Commercial Upholstery Cleaning      
Carpet and Fabric Protector
Specialty Spot Removers
Deodorizing Disinfectant

Clean, Dependable, Service. Guaranteed!