Big E's Supermarket

Big E's Supermarket

Big E's Supermarket

Address: 11 Union Street
Town: Easthampton, MA
Telephone: 413-527-2125
Web site:

We are a locally owned and independent business that has been serving the greater Easthampton community since 1977. At Big E's we are commited to providing our customers with only the freshest and highest quality products. We offer a wide selection of natural, organic and local products and are continually expanding our selection of good and wholesome foods. We also have a full beer and wine selection. As a single independent operator, we get to know many of our customers individually. Community involvement is fundamental to our business philosophy and we gladly offer our services and resources to the local school systems, civic groups and non-profit organizations within the greater Easthampton area. Please visit us and experience our friendly service and great value for you and your family.

-Michael Superson, owner of Big E's Supermarket

Store hours: Monday through Saturday 7am - 9:30 and Sunday is 8am - 7pm.

As one customer wrote,

"They have a little bit of everything and a really surprisingly good organic produce selection at good prices. You can find good deals here, contrary to what some other reviewers may say. Staff is exceptionally friendly particularly when compared to the folks working at the giant chain groceries. Big E's serves as an anchor for keeping downtown Easthampton alive. Money spent here stays local. Money spent at giant chains ends up in the hands of international stockholders and rich CEOs."

Our Community Involvement.