Artisan Beverage Cooperative/Green River Ambrosia

Artisan Beverage Cooperative/Green River Ambrosia

Artisan Beverage Cooperative/Green River Ambrosia

Address: 324 Wells ST
Town: Greenfield, MA 01301
Telephone: (413) 773-9700
Web site:

We are pleased to announce the founding of Artisan Beverage Cooperative. We've merged our two business into a single worker-owned cooperative! We are the crafters of:Green River Ambrosia and Katalyst Kombucha!

At Green River Ambrosia, we are Western Massachusetts' first meadery, and we strive to produce the highest qualiy honey wines available, while supporting the local economy, sustainable agriculture, and the health of the bee population.

We are a small artisinal meadery making the finest honey wines with local raw honey. Containing fresh water, raw honey, yeast, and the occasional local and/or organic herb or fruit, Green River Ambrosia meads provide the taste of a season of hard work by our bee friends. Crafted with love and care. All meads are sulfite and gluten free.

Click here to see where to purchase our mead. Tours and tastings by appointment.

bzzz... Valley Bees, Valley Mead!

Green River Ambrosia was founded in 2007 to brew a fine local mead. We are producing in our Greenfield, MA facility (co-located at the Katalyst Kombucha brewing facility).

At Katalyst Kobucha, The Living Elixir that we create is a delicate synergy of science, spirit, and art. We have carefully selected the finest, certified organic, and fair trade ingredients from around the world to bring you one of the healthiest and most nutrient rich foods on Earth. There is an ancient wisdom contained in every bottle.

Health Benefits of Kombucha:

Due to the production of B-vitamins, pro-biotics, and compounds including gluconic, lactic, and folic acids, drinking Kombucha tea regularly has been shown to benefit the human body by:balancing the metabolism, cleansing the blood and regulating pH levels, improving liver, gall bladder, and digestive function, detoxifying the body and enhancing the immune system, and raising overall energy levels.