Amherst Bilingual Business Bureau

Amherst Bilingual Business Bureau

Amherst Bilingual Business Bureau

Address: 1114 South East Street
Town: Amherst, MA 01002

Celebrating 10 years of quality bilingual activity in the Valley!

Our vision
It's a wonderful world. Nature and people dynamics abound. There is a diversity of patterns in motion, a unique process in ongoing communication! We communicate at every step of our lives. Whether it is a conversation on a project, a food topic, a written or oral presentation, an interactive activity, a technical translation, a tourist trip, a lecture, a performance, a business agenda, a peace conference etc. your language skills show.

Nowadays, however sophisticated our communications media, a face to face interaction makes the most impression. You are able to communicate personally in whole mode, you are on the spot to negotiate the best deal, the right course of action, you know the big picture, you keep a solid fresh conversation, you check the quality of goods, you strengthen personal links, you write cohesively and coherently, you are in control of the situation!

Our mission & passion
Welcome to the bilingual communicative space The Spanish English Social Program! Enter this bilingual happy hour, share a good talk, find your best language path and let us help with your immediate needs and plans! You choose to be in control of your language abilities in one or both world languages: Spanish & English. Or you just provide the theme or material that needs the best work: a translation, a review, a guide, a report, a critique, a pet party theme, etc. We have three intensive and proven bilingual areas: The Basics, The Business Way and The Top Talk. And the specials: 'The Business & Work Project', 'The Language Lab & Laugh", 'The Total Translation Team', 'The Green Generation' & "A language for all seasons."

All of them include our passion for meaningful communication, teaching and supporting local efforts and the belief in full environmental awareness, both locally and globally. We are engaged in activities supporting our unique wonderful world in a variety of ways, language being our green seal!

Están invitados! Vamos a vivir la experiencia!

The Bilingual Bureau offers Total Quality

    • Mono/ Bilingual Learning experience
    • Language for Specific Purposes
    • Assessments
    • Presentations
    • Consulting
    • In-house Training
    • Language Learning strategies
    • Personalized follow up
    • Customized all-level/ages courses
    • Social, Business & World Calendars
    • All fields Translations & Interpretations
    • 'Bilingual Marketing, HR & Communication Games
    • Private & Team Tutoring
    • Field Professional work
    • Permanent evaluation
    • Variety of topics development
    • Resources & Material selection
    • Environmental language awareness & activities

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Extras: magazines, books & articles, company, seasonal & birthday celebrations, certificates, favorite international treats, coffee breaks, raffles, discounts & more!