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Accurate Writing & More

Accurate Writing & More

Address: 16 Barstow Lane
Town: Hadley, MA 01035 USA
Telephone: (413) 586-2388
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Accurate Writing & More:
Grow Your Green Business with Green and Ethical Marketing. Helping you succeed through green/eco-aware, ethical strategies, Shel Horowitz of Accurate Writing & More is an international speaker, syndicated columnist (Green And Profitable/Green And Practical), and award-winning eight-time author--most recently, as primary author of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green. He has been in business in the Pioneer Valley since 1981. Both an environmentalist and marketer since the 1970s, he's available for:

  • Individual Consulting and Copywriting: Green/ethical marketing, image and brand, social media, JV/partnership development, marketing strategy and materials.
  • Presentations: Keynotes, breakouts, panels, teleseminars, webinars, media training...
  • Content Development: Grow your Green brand and cement your expertise! License and distribute Shel's monthly Green And Profitable/Green And Practical columns, or have him create custom content just for your business (from short articles to entire books).

Areas of Expertise:

  • Green and Profitable: Green Messaging that Makes Your Customers Thrilled to Buy
  • Green and Practical: Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Green Your Home, Business, and Lifestyle
  • Going a Deeper Shade of Green
  • Successful Book Publishing
  • Social Media-Productive, Profitable, and Time-Efficient Strategies
  • Cross-Marketing: How to Turn Competitors and Complementary Businesses Into Partners who Open New Markets for You
  • Media Training: How to Get Attention and Convey Your Message in the U.S. Press (traditional and New Media)
  • Organizing for the environment and social justice

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