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Greetings to all my long lost friends in the Happy Valley! I say long lost because I grew up in the lovely town of Leverett where I tended to several horses, a flock of chickens, pigs and goats. I also worked at the Black Sheep and mixed the popover batter at Judy's. I know everyone is thinking holidays, holidays, holidays at the moment, but having always been someone with terrible timing, I'm writing about....BIRTHDAYS!

Though come to think of it, one of the primary holidays is in celebration of a fairly significant birthday. In any case, I'm writing about birthdays because while I no longer reside in Leverett (my mother still does however), I have just launched a small tech start up called Birthday Coups - designed with the small local business community in mind. So - yes this is a sales pitch disguised in a blog post. Now that you know that, before I lose you, let me tell you 2 things quickly: 1. Birthday Coups is free until you reach 500 customers (and we expect that only 30% of our customers will ever turn into paying customers); and 2) Birthday Coups is a great way to thank your loyal customers (who of course keep you in business) and drive sales 12 months out of the year (with virtually no effort on your behalf). Okay, you can stop reading now if this doesn't sound like a good thing for your small, local business. But if it sounds like something that might be a good fit for you, let me pontificate a bit more....

Here's how Birthday Coups works - you sign up, decide what coupon you want to offer (free dessert, 20% off your purchase, etc.), and set up your account. Once your account is set up you share the sign up link with your customers via Facebook, e-news and your website (we also create a Point-of-Sale sign up for you if you want) and off you go. Wondering what it looks like? Here's a Birthday Coups sign up for a company owned by a fellow Happy Valley resident....Gabrielle Melchionda...yes Mad Gabs is one of our customers and you can sign up for their birthday coup here: http://app.birthdaycoups.com/links/view/1487653.

Want to find out more? Give me a shout at Merritt@birthdaycoups.com, check out our website www.birthdaycoups.com, like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/birthdaycoups, tell all your friends about us and generally adore us. Thanks for reading...happy holidays and happy birthday to all of you!

Thanks again!
Merritt T. Carey, Esq.
Birthday Coups
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