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I've been running my website The Location Reservoir as a database of filming locations in Western Mass for awhile now. Well, the site is now evolving into also being a guide to venues in the area for weddings, conferences, performances, and other events.

I'm designing the site and establishing a business strategy that levels the playing field for venues of all sizes. The few similar sites charge so much to venues that their searches become top heavy and only the few venues with the highest marketing budgets can afford a listing beyond a meaningless text link. I plan on offering several tiers of plans so that any venue from an elks lodge to a resort can use the site to connect easier with customers. The site will also be organized in such a way that people planning an event can more easily find the kind of venue they actually want instead of settling for the best marketed place.

I also plan to provide more information than other sites for listings at any level and integrate a list of vendors into the venue listings. So, if a venue doesn't offer catering there will be a link to nearby caterers. There will also be suggestions for things like spots nearby to wedding venues for photos, attractions close to venues for conferences, support businesses near filming locations, etc. In some ways it's similar to what the RTC's are supposed to do but it allows people to do it themselves from wherever they are.

In order to get the site up and running I have launched a crowd funding campaign on indiegogo.com. I'm offering rewards such as gift cards to my photo store as well as discounts on my photography services and listings on the site. The link is at www.indiegogo.com/locationreservoir There is a video with a brief demo of the site and I plan to add more that show more closely how it will function for specific types of events.

I was hoping maybe you could share the link with other PV Local members. I would be happy to offer a discount on subscriptions to any PVLocal First members once the site is launched. The site is essentially a marketing tool so it seems like it would fit in with your standard member benefits. I plan on contacting a few select businesses with whom I already have relationships and that I have identified as being most likely to be interested, but the more I can reach the better of course. I'm also hoping to convince some local businesses to donate some gift cards to use as rewards in exchange for publicity and discounts on subscriptions.

Also, as your requested when we first spoke I would be happy to contribute some photos to the PV Local First website. My energies right now are very focused on getting the site up and running but you can always keep an eye on my flickr- www.flickr.com/reservoir-productions and my photo site-www.reservoir-productions.com and if you see anything you're interested in just let me know.

Thanks for your time and I hope to make it to the Annual Meeting but that week is pretty crazy.

Evan Gregg
Amherst, MA
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