The PVGrows Loan Fund

The PVGrows Loan Fund
For Food and Agricultural Infrastructure

The PVGrows Loan Fund offers below-market rate loans up to $250,000 to businesses that fill key gaps in the infrastructure of the Pioneer Valley local food system.

PVGrows is looking for committed entrepreneurs with well-researched plans to develop facilities or activities which expand the market for Pioneer Valley-grown agricultural products, such as post-harvest handling, processing, marketing or distribution. Priority will be given to projects developing infrastructure that benefits more than one farm.

Now accepting new applications. Next Deadlines: April 15, 2011 & June 15, 2011.

* Are you handling, processing, marketing, or distributing local agricultural products?
* Does your business activity improve sales for Pioneer Valley farms?
* Are you looking for financing?

Find out more at

Sam Stegeman

Coordinator, PVGrows

413-665-7100 x15