A Tale Written By Folks in Maine, but Basically any Local Business Owner Could Have Written This.

From the Nonesuch Books newletter to its customers. They have two stores, one in South Portland and the other in Saco, Me.

Dear Customers,

The change in our economy has made the conversation about shopping locally more important than it was in the past. The reason is because locally owned stores like Nonesuch Books employ many other local businesses to help with their operations, and purchase many of the products they sell through local trade sales representatives. Essentially, many other people in our area (our neighbors) make a living doing business with Nonesuch Books. This helps our whole local economy, instead of just helping a national conglomerate from another state.

I'll give you some examples of where some of the Maine small businesses are located and the services they provide to our company:

Forms printing/supply: Scarborough
Legal: Biddeford
Accounting: Portland
Printing: South Portland
Cleaning: Saco
Electrical: Cape Elizabeth
Electrical Supply: Portland, Saco
Computer Service: Saco
HVAC: Portland
Computer printer supplies: Scarborough
Phone Service: Bangor
Health Insurance: Portland
Business Insurance: Portland

We purchase many of our books, giftware and greeting cards from industry/trade sales representatives who live all around us here in Maine. None of these local sales reps can do business with Borders because Borders does all of its buying in Michigan. Some of our sales reps live in these towns:

Portland, South Portland, Standish, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, Gorham, Kittery, Falmouth, Saco, Cumberland, Sebago, Harpswell, Brunswick, Buxton, Elliott, Yarmouth, Freeport, Bangor.

Local sales representatives make all of their salaries selling to independent stores like Nonesuch. Without us, they would not be employed and Maine would further suffer the effects of the recession. Our Maine economy is one of mutual support, and by shopping with us and other locals, you keep almost twice as much money in our state than when you shop at a chain store or online. That money adds up in our local economy and in our state coffers.

Nonesuch raises about $10,000 in cash and books each year for our local hospitals and supports local schools and literacy programs. Most other local businesses support community non-profits and schools. Amazon does absolutely nothing to support local organizations and has no local employees or service providers.

I hope you will consider these issues as you make your shopping choices in the future. Nonesuch Books and other local stores are here for you and your community.

-the owners of Nonesuch Books