Tabella, A Community Supported Restaurant (CSR)

Tabella Community Supported Restaurant (CSR)
For those of us who seek to eat in a locally sustainable, healthy and enjoyable way the
reality of purchasing food at "whole food" box stores and discount gourmet "traders" is
hard to digest. Each of us spends thousands and thousands of locally earned dollars in
stores owned and operated by corporations with no local ties. Most of these gourmet box
stores espouse a false sense of "local food" participation.
The average food product purchased at gourmet box stores has traveled 1200 miles prior
to reaching your table. In fact, regionally grown/raised foods are most often shipped to a
central box store processing center and then driven to multiple distribution points before
returning to the area of their origin. It is akin to taking your meal from the oven and
driving it to Richmond VA and back prior to putting it on the dining room table to eat.
Not what I would call "fresh and local." Likewise, we the consumers are burdened with
the added cost of such a system, none of which reaches the pockets of local farmers. In
fact, to offset the distribution costs associated with corporate broken foods policy the local
farmers must reduce the price of their goods in order to do business with such gourmet
box stores.
The restaurant food supply system is even more unnatural and unhealthy. To elaborate
on this would churn the readers' stomach and at the very least cause most of you to
question the owners of your "local" eateries as to the origin of their product (especially the
meats and fish). Tabella Restaurant prides itself on only serving local/regional meat, eggs
and dairy. In order to make this a reality, Tabella constantly works towards creating
synergistic and long lasting local farm and business relationships. Most restaurateurs are
unwilling to risk the extra cost, especially in these trying economic times, of serving only
local foods and meats. Tabella Restaurant believes that there is a way to reduce the cost
of eating locally as well as supporting the ever necessary local economy. The extra cost of
a living wage, non-corporate and oil company subsidized based restaurant and food
market can be minimized by utilizing the thriving CSA economic model.

The proliferation of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has successfully allowed
local organic farmers to survive and flourish. The direct farm to consumer model has
successfully produced "members" (or "shareholders," or "subscribers") food purchasing
system. Farmers are able to reduce cost by redirecting the food chain to a one to one
arrangement, which allows them to radically cut costs and still maintain healthy organic
quality. This cost reduction then is passed on to the consumers and helps presell and thus
guarantee a consistent healthy local product.
Tabella Restaurant is pleased to introduce a community supported farm direct restaurant
and year round market. Our CSR (Community Supported Restaurant) is structured in a
CSA structure with consumers purchasing member shares. These shares can be used at
Tabella Restaurant, at the future Tabella Farmers Market and at the Organic Farm.
Members can purchase house-made bottled sauces, salad dressings, marinades, pates,
smoked fish, cheeses, meats, house blends of locally roasted fair trade coffee, etcetera
through the restaurant. These products are created from the local farm bounty, cooked at
Tabella and soon to be delivered locally to your door (in our grease powered delivery
vehicle). Gone are the days of meats of unknown origin, "organic" condiments made by
corporations and highway traveled "local foods."

We at Tabella Restaurant are dedicated to local foods and regional economies. Our
menu has always revolved around our local farmers' micro seasons and creativity. We
now hope to evolve this commitment into a larger revolution.
Our vision is a community-sustained culinary business. We will plant our own fields:
Welcoming you to share the bounty of the farm through educational growing, food
storage and cooking classes, sustainable organic prepared foods and locally provided
marketplace. Serving our products not only in the restaurant, but also in our local year
round farmer's market. Over the last two years, we have received many requests for
Tabella's preparations, including salad dressings, patées, marinades and sauces. At the
market, we will also offer the produce, meats and dairy products from our wonderful
community of growers. Tabella will operate as the connective hub between the local
grower and culinary consumer on all levels of the food cycle. From offering mentorship
from expert organic farmers, on site site garden plots for members, to providing prepared
organic meals to take home. We at Tabella look forward to playing our part in linking the
culinary agricultural bounty of our local environment to the plates of community
members, and to showing the extraordinary results when we recognize that it takes a
community to feed a community.

We are extending an invitation to you to become members of this new community-
sustained enterprise. As members of Tabella you will participate in the culinary business
by contributing financial support through member accounts and receiving member

Our initial goal is to raise $200,000.00 in pre-purchased member accounts (listed below).
This sum will allow us to pay off initial bank owned capital investment and provide the
initial start up required to begin growing the farm and market.

Member Accounts:
Member Accounts are yearly pre-purchased meals, prepared foods and gift certificates.
Your membership dollars will be held in account form, at your disposal to spend as you
choose. We will honor a yearly purchase for 18 months.
Currently we offer three levels of Membership:
Discounts and Benefits:
$1000 level: 10% discount on all Tabella products
$2500 level: 15% discount on all Tabella products
$5000 level: 20% discount on all Tabella products
All levels:
To-Go food off menu
Tabella Market Option: This exclusive option gives you the ability to buy
housemade bottled sauces, salad dressings, marinades, patées, smoked fish,
cheeses, meats, house blends of locally roasted fair trade coffee, etcetera through
the restaurant.
$2500 member: Same as ‘all level' plus:
1, 4~person off menu multi course take home dinner once a month (four
days notice)
$5000 member: Same as ‘all level' plus:
2, 4~person off menu multi course take home dinner once a month (four
days notice)
Tabella catered private wine and liqueur tastings with Emily, Adrian and vintners
and wine merchants. Help create our unique wine list!

Looking to the future; some upcoming Member Benefits:
The option to purchase wines and liqueurs for home
Market opens
We look forward to offering a year round farmer's market, specializing in regional and
local meats, cheeses, and sustainable produced organic wines.
We will offer:
Local farm's greens, produce, meats, cheeses, milk etcetera
House made butter, cheese, dressings, jams, and pates etcetera
Organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines (supporting global local communities!)
Local flowers
Fair Trade locally roasted Coffee
Member benefits at that point: TBA
Farm opens
We look forward to getting our hands in the dirt!
We will offer:
Educational growing plots
Heirloom seed saving classes
Sustainability growing education
Animal growing, harvesting, smoking etcetera
Pickling and canning classes
Heirloom food storage classes
Cooking classes
Composting classes
Farm dinners
Member benefits at that point: TBA
Thank you so much for your consideration, we look forward to growing our community
of dedicated eaters!
Emily Wadham Adrian d'Errico