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We are writing today with some hard news and a lot of hope: Food For Thought Books Collective is in its 37th year, and we are fearful that we will not make it to 38, or even through the summer. We need you! We need you to buy books from us, and to make donations in order for Food For Thought to keep our doors open.


The book industry, increasingly corporate and Amazon-centered, has been coming down hard for some time, and the "convenience" of online sales has dramatically reduced the size of the community that previously perused our shelves. We have not seen many of you for some time, though some have hung on and have continued to be committed book buyers & donors. We recently opened up our finances and found that text books sales have been dropping for several years. It is clear that text books can no longer be our bread and butter. We are implementing a system for used book buying, planning more events than ever, and transitioning to a sustainable model that does not rely on the textbook industry. We have plans for becoming a sustainable bookstore, but we are in immediate dire straights.

This space belongs to the community more than anyone else, and Food For Thought has had an out-pouring of volunteer support since our financial struggles began. As we slashed staff time & benefits, an incredible volunteer crew has been essential to maintaining a full calendar of events and full shelves. We continue to offer space for
countless author events, discussions, film screenings, community meetings and happenings. You have found yourselves here for offerings that surpass those of many other independent bookstores. We want to remain aligned with our values to provide a space where voices, people, and ideas silenced and ignored by the mainstream media are given room to be heard, to be seen, to be supported and to be realized.
How to keep Food For Thought Books in business:

Buy books here. New books, sale books, kids books, big  books,
        small books...

Donate to the continued use of our space as a community resource,
        for events & programs, meetings, you name it!

Donate towards our transition to a more sustainable business model
Become a member and purchase memberships as gifts for
        your peeps
Share this information with friends and allies & bring new people to
        the bookstore with you. Talk to people about books, talk to         
        people about what Food For Thought means to you! 
Please show us that you still want Food For Thought Books in your community! Please see their website here.

In Solidarity,
Food For Thought Books Collective
Grace, Lani, Matthew
Cash Mob Anyone?