Recycle Your Used Cooking Oil Locally and Support Our Local Economy

Food service providers who care about the local economy and local environment are choosing ReEnergizer to recycle their used cooking oil. Unlike rendering companies that mix the vegetable oil with animal carcasses to make food for livestock and pets, we only replace fossil fuels with the oil we collect. The refined vegetable oil is used as renewable fuel for diesel engines and heating systems. Choosing ReEnergizer helps significantly reduce the causes of global warming.

ReEnergizer will supply Northeast Biodiesel, a facility under construction in Greenfield MA by Cooppower of Greenfield, MA. Companies from out of state are using grant money from those states to take oil sourced in the Pioneer Valley out of our region. Why choose that when ReEnergizer pays top prices for used cooking oil and keeps it here to benefit people here? For added convenience we also provide trap grease cleaning services. Choose ReEnergizer and your customers will know that you care about the local economy and the local environment. Please see our website at