Please Get Involved

It is my sincere hope that for all of you concerned about community, sustainability, local/organic farms, Fair Trade, supporting local businesses, renewable energy, governments being of, by and for the people will follow these links and then pass this blog on to others you know who have similar concerns.

We here at Pioneer Valley Local First could really use your support to achieve our mission of encouraging people to think local first and to encourage companies to be socially, locally and environmentally responsible. But it's not just here in Western Massachusetts where we need the help it's across our country and across this wonderfully beautiful, yet sadly imperfect planet of ours. I'm writing to ask you to stand up, even more, even more than what you are currently doing for the world, for yourself. Whether it is simply caring even more about your part of the world, your town, your city, our country, or maybe the whole globe. Please get involved, get more involved, then you already are. Your community needs your help.

Please goto: -and see if there is a BALLE/local first group in your area, if not maybe start one up. Myself and many others will help you, work with you, learn from you and be benefitted by your work.

and: -an amazing 20 minute video about this world of ours and what is happening to it. Over 4 million people have seen it, hopefully you will be the next.

please also see: to see great interviews with numerous visionary leaders.

Lastly, please see this great 60 second video from Global Mind Shift

Never forget that the future needs you, the future we all want needs your help. There is an old Gaelic proverb that goes: "In the shelter of each other, the people live."

Stay Active, be confident, know that you are not alone and that change comes slowly.

Thank you for all you do.

Daniel Finn