Pioneer Valley Local Businesses Need and Deserve Our Support

With About Music and the Pizza Shark closing recently, I wanted to write and encourage everyone to take a moment and think of the locally owned businesses they would truly miss if they too were to close their doors.

What Local businesses did your parents or grand parents take you to when you were young? Do you take your children to these same stores today? I know for myself that I treasure the memories of when my dad would take me to McCusker's Market and the idea of that store ever closing would be a sad, sad day. What stores would you miss?

I think of how generous Michael Superson from Big E's SuperMarket is and how Easthampton would not be the same without him and his business. I think of what a great communal gathering place Sam's Pizza is becoming and all of the great live music there. I think of the People's Pint and a gazillion other local restaurants and how they all do such a great job buying from local farms. I think of Green Fields Market, A2Z Science & Learning Store, Starlight Solar B&B, Paradise Copies, Hatfield Printing & Publishing, Small Corp, Zoar Outdoor, Wright Builders, Richard's Fuel, Hall Tavern Farm, the Northampton Brewery and the River Valley Market all having solar panels on their roofs. I think of what our area would lose if these and so many other locally owned businesses were to shut their doors. The message I want people to take away is to think about the local businesses they would miss and to shop at them as often as possible.

A strong, vibrant local business community will stabilize our economy here in western Mass. and when you shop locally this is what you help to create.

Daniel Finn