Open House Weekend at The Farm Table!

Look around you. The candlelit spaces, open-hearth oven, and comforting fireplaces speak wordlessly of a quieter, simpler time in New England history. Our menu similarly speaks of a better time in culinary history. Created by executive chef Brent Menke and featuring internationally-nuanced New American cuisine, a meal taken here is truly an experience to remember. Virtually every item we serve is sourced from our very own organic farm as well as growers within a 50-mile - and in some cases, 50 foot - radius of The Farm Table. In season, our fresh herbs are picked from our tiny-but-abundant kitchen garden literally a few steps from the restaurant's doors.

At 11am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday on October 15 & 16 (immediately after the ribbon-cutting of Kringle Candle's incredible new Christmas Barn, right next door) we'll welcome you to tour The Farm Table, meet Executive Chef Brent Menke, General Manager Ruben Eduardo and their team.

Despite an ongoing and heroic effort by our many contractors, it's now clear to us that this date cannot be achieved. We absolutely will not open until we are certain The Farm Table can deliver a superior experience, and we'd rather wait than disappoint a single one of our fans.

You'll even be able to taste some of the planned menu offerings in appetizer-sized morsels. And we'll do it all over again on Sunday, October 16 (also 1am to 6pm) too! Yes, we won't be ready to serve sit-down meals for a bit longer, but we feel that the least we can do for our fans and friends is to provide an outstanding preview of the restaurant. We hope you agree that it's the best way to make lemonade out of our construction delay "lemons"!

Our concept is based upon our company motto: "The Way it Used to Be." A truly good restaurant should be more than a place to feed you; it should nourish, educate and entertain. These are our modest but steadfast goals. This old farmhouse has lived many lives in 250-plus years, but it has always been a home. And now we invite you to come and dine with us in the restaurant that has now become our home: The Farm Table.