Swartz Family Farm, ( of North Amherst is continuing to offer openings for its WINTER/SPRING Farm Share CSA program. This 4th generation family farm has been engaged in year-round vegetable and herb production for the past 25 years, growing greens, vegetables, and culinary herbs in their four season, 100% pesticide free greenhouses. In addition, they network with numerous other local family farms to offer their Members a wide array of local produce, eggs, cheeses, breads, honey, and prepared foods.

Swartz Family Farm is one of only a few local CSA's that actually produce fresh greens, lettuce, salad mix, and herbs all winter long.

Benefits include:

* A share of fresh, delicious, local food EVERY WEEK.

(Unlike some Winter CSAs that bring in vegetables from other areas of the country, Swartz Family Farm supplies LOCALLY GROWN and produced food.)

* Save $$: Buy direct from the farm at reduced cost compared to local grocery stores.
* Convenience: Weekly pickup in North Amherst.
* Support to numerous family farms, (SFF offers products from dozens of local farms) keeping our money LOCAL and preserving the character and charm our beautiful Connecticut River Valley .
* Reducing our carbon footprint by employing sustainable agricultural practices and buying food produced close to home.
* "It's good for your HEALTH..........good for the ENVIRONMENT........good for your POCKETBOOK.......and most of all, it TASTES GREAT!

Members receive a free weekly email newsletter detailing farm events, items of interest, and produce availability. Members can sign up NOW for a Winter/Spring Farm Share, which will provide them with a weekly collection of local salad mix, lettuce and greens, herbs, root vegetables, eggs, and other locally produced food. "Add on" items can also be purchased online, including local prepared foods; soups, fruit pies, turkey pot pies, cheese, yogurt, honey, jams, and bread. Also coming soon will be a local Meat CSA, which will allow local residents to buy shares of locally produced grass fed beef.

To receive a sample newsletter, and/or for more information, please visit Please contact us via email or call Joe Swartz at 413-559-7550 for more information. Thank you!)