Making Your Time Count on the Web: Online Investigations for Pioneer Valley Professionals

Dear Pioneer Valley Local First community,

Amherst-based Ututilis Consulting is kicking off a series of open, public classes this spring for Pioneer Valley Professionals whose fortunes ride on our effectiveness as web researchers.

Information may want to be free. Our cluttered calendars are clearly not. Contrary to "free information" the time in capturing it needs to be valued and optimized for the way local marketers, consultants and educators integrate online research into their project goals and organizations.

The workshops are open enrollment and begin a week from Thursday at the Jones Library (St. Paddy's Day) from 7 to 9pm. They are also being offered at the Forbes Library on April 11th and at the Montague Bookmill in early May. The full Knowledge-ABLE program will be offered weekly beginning Thursday evenings in June. The classes are free, though reservations are required. Please see my website for more information and to reserve your spot.

Value your time as much as the information you seek through a browser? Then this is a two hour investment worth making.

Marc Solomon


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