Local SEO and Social Media - Getting Started with Your Local Business

This is a workshop that will be offered to members of Pioneer Valley Local First - www.PVLocalFirst.org (so if you want to do this, join the group!) If you've ever wanted to get your local business' web site more highly ranked under locally oriented searches, and utilize the new wave of social media to increase your local customer base, then this is the workshop for you.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the other search engines and social media sites are becoming an ever-increasing way to get your local business in front of local customers. The phone book is dead, and that has brought many changes to local business marketing, which used to be all about the yellow pages in a large percentage of cases. Google is the new Yellow Pages, and word-of-mouth has moved online. In this workshop we will cover the basics of what you need for a local business web site, how to set up, customize, promote, and use a Facebook business page, and how to set up a LinkedIn and Twitter account, and link them together. We'll also talk about how to use your individual Facebook account to promote your business page. We'll show them how to use the Google Keyword Tool to identify important keywords and discuss how to include these keywords in their web sites for maximum effect. We'll explain PageRank and Anchor Text and the importance of both to SEO. We'll discuss Alexa, and browser add-ons that help you keep track of your site and your competitor's sites vis a vis PageRank and Alexa rank. We'll discuss how to set up a free blog and use it to promote your business directly and increase your home site's SEO.

We'll talk about local directories and how to find them and get links from them, also free directories for businesses for SEO. We'll discuss AddThis social networking widgets and how to get an account and add them to your site, and track the results. We'll also cover Google Analytics, how to get an account and install it, and how to interpret the data to tell how your site is performing.

The workshop will be approximately two hours long, including a question and answer session. The fee for the workshop is $20, and includes coffee, tea and snacks. Feel free to bring a laptop or tablet, but it is not required. A handout will be provided summarizing all topics covered. It will be held at Positronic Design HQ, 903 Dwight St., Holyoke. - www.PositronicDesign.com Date To Be Announced. Contact me or make a comment if you want to be notified of the date. Space is strictly limited.
By: Positronic Dave