Launching of the Community First Fund

Common Capital (CCI), a non-profit community loan fund, is a resource for business and non-profit project financing with a special emphasis on small to mid-size businesses that have the potential to create positive impacts in local communities particularly in low income areas. CCI has a long track record of assisting businesses that lack access to financial services from mainstream financial institutions. Common Capital also provides business advisory services to help our clients expand their skills and to succeed in their business ventures.

In a few months CCI will be offering for the first time an opportunity for individuals to invest in our local economy in a safe and impactful manner by investing in our Community First Fund. We will be raising $500,000 in loans from individuals who live in Western Massachusetts. These will be immediately applied to businesses in our portfolio and enable Common Capital to increase our lending to high impact businesses and community projects.

Details on the Community First Fund will be forthcoming. Right now we are putting together a list of people who may be interested in investing locally. We hope that you are interested in learning more about the Community First Fund and will help us spread the word to individuals who may be interested.

To be added to our list to receive more information when we launch the Fund, please email this information:


Street address:



Day Phone:


and in the subject line write "put me on the list". Be sure to provide your contact information in the form below. Please click here to see our website. Thank you for your interest and support of our local, living economy.

-Christopher Sikes