Launch of Green Earth Computers in Amherst, Mass.

I have been working with computers, in some form, my entire life. I have been repairing them professionally for over ten years. Working at a number of different repair jobs around the Pioneer Valley, I gained a wide range of experience in many different areas.

I started Green Earth Computers to bring that knowledge and computer expertise to more people at a lower cost than the big companies can offer. It is my belief that good on-site technical support doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars per hour and that power-efficient green computers can be just as affordable as the computers you buy at the mall.

We all rely heavily on technology in our businesses and in our homes. Keeping our computers tuned-up and working properly is vital. We also build low cost, custom built green computers that use very little electricity.

I would be honored to be your technology partner and help you work with your technology, not against it. We are located in downtown Amherst.

To further benefit the community, 10% of drop off labor is donated to local not-for-profit.

Thank you,
Kiernan Gulick-Sherrill
Head Technician