Introducing Simply Booked

We're pleased to announce the launch of our new business and website, At Simply Booked, we've been working diligently to build a comprehensive and well, simple, solution for small to mid-sized businesses to tackle their daily bookkeeping needs. Simply Booked is committed to providing accurate, comprehensive bookkeeping utilizing solutions normally reserved for large corporations and delivering them affordably to local business owners like you.

Whether you're a business owner trying to stay on top of the books while running and growing your business or you are currently using a part-time or even full-time bookkeeper, you already know that solid accounting and bookkeeping can be a major asset. Equally, it can be a major detriment if not handled properly creating a number of inefficient costs and year-end clean up fees from your tax preparer, amongst other hidden costs.  Simply Booked takes care of all the daily tasks while ensuring you have a clear view of the big picture. Our expert team stays on top of slow paying customers, handles the bill paying, and builds plans to best manage your cash. We also provide you with comprehensive financial reporting and analysis to help you understand how, and where, your money is being spent, and where money can be saved. Most importantly, we work with you and keep you fully involved without being a drain on your time and productivity.

How Simply Booked works is easy. We evaluate how you work, where you may need help, and develop a plan to integrate our skilled experts and streamlined system to fulfill your needs. With Simply Booked you only pay for what you need. Our pricing models are customized to fit you, ensuring you're not spending money on unneeded services.  Furthermore, we eliminate the burden of having an employee, and the associated costs, so you don't have to deal with the frustration. The bottom line is that our model makes sure that the cost of your bookkeeping accurately reflects your business needs, and nothing more. We're excited to show off our hard work and start building relationships with our fellow local business owners in Western Mass. We are offering a risk-free trial for our services for 30 days. Contact us today to find out how you can try Simply Booked with no cost or obligations. Thank you.

Donald Magri
Simply Booked