If a Picture is Worth a Thousand words, Then a Video is Worth a Million.

An engaging short video about your work or business will:

-foster an emotional connection with a potential customer better than a photo or text.

-provoke people to take action.


-produce higher SEO results for your business and professional profile.

-drive an idea or campaign faster and more effectively than word of mouth.

-showcase your ingenuity and integrity.

-continue to work for you while you sleep, thanks to a 24/7 internet.

We tend to believe that if something is inherently great people will naturally gravitate towards it, therefore strategic video marketing is pointless. Unfortunately, many great things go unnoticed because they have little social media presence. While many businesses are clamoring for our attention, having an edge by marketing your brilliant thing that you bring to the world, with a short, savvy video, is a strategy that can be used for incredible, unlimited outreach. Remaining competitive in this digital age is crucial and by employing a short video small businesses and entrepreneurs convey a greater level of expertise and competence, offering exponentially more than simply a static image and text.

Video marketing is a powerful tool used to educate, inspire, and tell significant stories about people producing incredible change and cool businesses sharing their authentic philosophies. Now that short videos are a more flexible and accessible tool, it's become self-evident that we can broadcast the content we want, profoundly transforming our communities faster and more effectively than any other medium available. It's a tool used consistently to passionately communicate messages and it's wildly effective because once your video is created, it can be linked to dozens of sites:

*personal & business website *YouTube & Vimeo *Facebook (both personal & professional pages) *Twitter *Linked In *blogs *email campaigns *used as an email signature *used as web advertisements *as a sales tool *for electronic press releases & media kits *in newsletters

Before working with social media I associated the word marketing in a sinister context. To me, marketing implied that some corporation was attempting to sell me something I didn't need, I couldn't afford, and wasn't really good for me. Marketing suggested that an advertising team was disguising something unsavory in order to sell it. Thankfully, this is no longer true! We get information and ideas not just from big advertisement companies, hoping to sell us things we don't need, but online where we find folks whose ideas are aligned with our own, and friends we trust who share with us relevant articles and videos. So, the good news is that the corporate world hasn't hijacked marketing: it's now within our reach and under our control. And what good use shall we put it towards?
Kbest Productions


Kris Badertscher

producer, Kbest Productions