Home Sweet Home

In high school, at Northfield Mount Hermon, I remember learning that the words ecology and economy share the same root word, it's "oikos" in Greek and "eco" in Latin, meaning house or home. This fact did more to help me see the connection between needing to take care of both our economy and our planet than nearly anything else. It dawned on me that if we take better care of our home in an economically and environmentally intelligent way, that it will take better care of us.

If we don't, it won't!!

It also helped me to see that business owners, scientists, engineers, economists, environmentalists, government officials and every day people really do need to learn and work with each other.

It really is as simple as this.

-Daniel Finn


What a beautiful Valley we live in. What a beautiful planet we live on.

Thank you to Woodley Wonderworks' Photostream for use of this photograph.