Have a Local Thanksgiving at the Food Bank Farm

Dear Friends:

Our Thanksgiving Store is open again for you to have a local thanksgiving. Our Hours are: Tue and Weds b4 thanksiving from 8-5PM.

The week before Thanksgiving is such an exciting time here on the farm. We roll out hundreds of pie shells, bag copious quantities of organic cranberries and order enough eggnog and heavy cream to clog an elephant's aorta. Each day we must sample the latest pie recipe to provide "feed
back" to the bakers. Life is rough. It is a joy to work with such wonderful local ingredients. We make our
Maple Walnut pies and Pecan Pies with maple syrup from Dufresne sugar shack. Apple Pies made with Cold Spring apples-only the best and only local. Blueberry pies made with wild, organic blueberries--some we
shipped in from Maine and some we picked in Heath this summer. The berries started out as 'local' but in order to keep from eating them this summer, we had to hide them in a cave in Afganistan.
We'll have fresh organic cranberries from our friend Monica in Buzzard's Bay on the cape ($5.45/LB). We also purchased and froze some bulk cranberries which are only $4.29 for a 2 LB bag. These are great for
cooking and baking and they are very reasonably priced. (you'll pay more than twice that for non-organic berries elsewhere) We'll have wonderful Pecans from Pape's Pecan farm in Seguin Texas.
($4.95/ half LB bag). Great for baking or eating plain. Fresh Flowers grown at Montgomery Rose in Hadley: Asiatic Lillies and Gerbera Daisies in a stunning assortment of colors ($6.95/bouquet). We
still have a bouquet we bought almost three weeks ago. It's screams out to us every morning: "Local is fresher and better".

To make your holiday a little easier, we will offer our own peeled organic squash. We also have chopped bread for stuffing (from Black Sheep Baguettes and El Jardin organic sourdough.) The bread comes with a
delicious stuffing recipe you can make using all farm ingredients. Talkin' Turkey: This year we ordered 224 turkeys! Most are pre-ordered, but we do have a few large ones (24, 28 or 32 LB), as well as a few
smaller ones. Check in with us at the store. Have you always wanted to brine your turkey but were afraid to? Fear no more! It is easy, especially with our Brine Bags ($2.00) and our Brine Kit ($7.95) which is
ready to go and contains the farm fresh herbs, sea salt and some very easy to follow instructions.
Your Favorite Farm Fresh Dressings, Pestos and more: We'll have Tahini Sunrise Dressing, Cranberry Dressing, Green Goddess Hummus and Cilantro Peanut Sauce. We'll have Grampa's Granola made with dried cranberries! Home-made Cranberry Apples Sauce. Own herb-garlic butter that is great
for stuffing, turkey basting or in mashed potatoes (one farm member suggested that this product should actually be a "controlled substance".) Three kinds of Pesto: Basil Pesto, Parsley Pesto and Arugula Pesto. All made right here with our own herbs and garlic. Speaking of garlic, we'll have a bag of 10 heads of our famous Food Bank Farm garlic for $7.00. Mapleline Farm in Hadley will supply Egg Nog, heavy cream (for whipping on top of your pie), half and half (for adding to your Pierce Brothers Coffee), Vanilla ice cream by Flayvors (Goes between the whip cream and the pie). Apples and cider from Cold Spring Orchard.
Pies, Pies Pies: We use only the finest local ingredients in our pie filling. Our crusts are made with organic flour, organic sugar, Cabot butter and non-hydrogenated organic oils. Here is a list of what we'll have: Strawberry-rhubarb, Wild Blueberry, Maple-walnut, Pecan, Peach custard, Apple, Apple-Raspberry, Sour Cherry, Apple Cranberry, Pumpkin, and Pumpkin Pecan Cranberry We'll also have our Cranberry Walnut Bread and Ed's famous Pumpkin Bread. Hors d'oeuvres: New this year we'll have some beautiful Olives and Stuffed Grape Leaves from 3NG Bakery in Springfield. (no we did not grow the olives!) 3NG Bakery also makes an unbelievable pita topped with spinach, herbs and feta. Sliced into wedges this is a simple, inexpensive and delicious Hors d'oeuvres you can wow your guests with. Chocolate!! We made a special order with the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory in Vermont. They are sending us chocolate turkeys (100% vegetarian) and an assortment of wonderful chocolate bars. Don't go completely "cold turkey": For Sandwiches the following week, pick up some fabulous mustard from Ray's stoneground mustard mill in Eastport Maine. Don't miss Tom's wonderful "Cranberry Ketchup"-- perfect on a turkey sandwich. Three Kinds of Cranberry Relish to choose from. In addition to "Tom's Cranberry Ketchup", we'll have "Tom's Cranberry Relish" which has a little zing to it and our old standard "Cranberry Relish." Our own organic produce: Kale, baby salad greens, arugula and komatsuna. Plenty of Carrots (.79/LB) and Beets (.79/LB). Some of the nicest parsnips we have ever seen ($1.99/LB), Ivy donovan's Potatoes (Yukon Gold, Red, Russet, Kennebec, Butterball, Kerr's Pink, all potatoes are $3.95/5LB bag). Rutabagas, Turnips and Celery Root (great in stuffing). Fresh picked Herbs: parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, and oregano. We should have a good supply of all the wonderful local products we carry all year: Mapleline Farm Milk, Cabot Cheeses ($3.58/8oz), Cabot Butter ($3.42/LB), Diemand eggs ($2.74/doz), Pete & Gerries Jumbo Organic Eggs
($3.27/Doz). Gift ideas: We have dried flower bouquets this year ($5.85), Lavender Spritzers ($6.50), Local Soaps ($2.05), Food Bank Farm T-shirts ($11.50) and canvas bags ($3.75) designed and printed by farm member John Degnan.

There are so many items this year that we can't describe each one, you will just have to come on by the store to see all of our wonderful offerrings. We will have some boxes for you to shop with, but bring your own box or suitable container if you have them. Every container we save is a good thing! In order for the Thanksgiving store to cover its expenses and labor costs, we have to charge for vegetables like greens and roots that if you are accustomed to seeing in your share. We realize that this might seem awkward to some of you (if you are a member of our CSA), but the Thanksgiving Store is just an extra thing that we do that is not included in the share price and is open to the public. While the farm doesn't make a significant profit from the Thanksgiving Store, it does extend our work season and allows us to keep
employees on the payroll for an additional week or two between the winter shares. Some of you have asked whether the income that is generated through the sale of products in the Thanksgiving store and throughout the year serve as donations to The Food Bank. Your purchases of products such as salad
dressings are used to offset the farm's operating expenses and do not go directly to The Food Bank. The farm's mission is to generate a "profit" in surplus vegetables which is distributed to those in need by The Food Bank's overall operations in Hatfield. In this season of thanksgiving, if you would like to make a donation directly to The Food Bank to support other programs such as nutrition education and food distribution, you can do so by directing contribution to: The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts PO Box 160,
Hatfield, MA 01038

or visit our website www.foodbankwma.org.
"Check Out Hunger" At the Cash Register you can also make a $1 or $3 or $5 donation to help The Food Bank fight hunger. We will have little scan cards that will make this very easy to do at the cash register. In these times of need,your generosity can make a real difference.

Have a wonderful, tasty and local Thanksgiving.

Michael Docter

PS Please help us spread the word!

Again, our hours are: Tue and Weds b4 thanksiving from 8-5PM