Grand Opening Celebration of Mixed Greens

I am pleased to announce the Grand Opening Celebration of my store Mixed Greens, an Eco Modern Boutique located in Amherst. Here at Mixed Greens we care about organic clothing, fair trade, local economies and products made from sustainable or recycled goods such as bamboo and other similar materials. Essentially, we are offering under one roof, clothing for adults and babies, housewares, gifts and accessories that ALL have a green aspect to them.

Additionally, we also give 10% of our profits to global and local charities every week- I can say that because I am the owner. This week alone we will donate to Mustard Seed Missions that feed and help Haiti- a place where a local bag of rice cost almost a month's salary at least.

When I set up the store, we recycled the space- painted with Eco Friendly paints, carpet from corn and no phermaldahide. We try to walk the walk.

Also, the market for our product is great! 320 Billion dolllars of new green products are out there. People are using their design skills and the market is getting competitive, which is great for us because it means instead of $200 dollar organic designer jeans we will be getting in $80 Fair Trade Organic jeans! Green needs to be accessable, wearable, and supportable to have this industry grow- that's why we are here! For me, it will not stop in Amherst- but it will start here!

Some products are locally made, such as cloth diapers and diaper bags from Lovey Bums as well as bags made from inner tubes. There is jewelry made from recycled silver, organic sweaters for the babies in your life, recycled cashmere, organic bedding and the list goes on.

Please come by my store on Main Street in lovely downtown Amherst.

by Lisa Vote