"Go, Kids Art, Go!"

Dear Pioneer Valley Local First members and community.

My son's day care center is co-sponsoring "Go, Kids Art, Go!" with the Leverett Crafts and Arts Center on April 9th. The event is a community-wide children's art program. Hundreds of people attended the event last year with radio and print advertising reaching a much wider audience.

As part of the fundraising effort, we are seeking local businesses to donate a product or service valued between $50-100 to support this unique collaboration and promote your business at the same time? If you are an owner/manager of a locally owned, independent business please be in touch if you would be interested in being involved. Thank you grealy for considering this.

All business donors will be acknowledged in event programs and print advertisements. Recommended value of donation $50-$100.

Hampshire Franklin Children's Day Care Center is a non-profit center and a great place to support. They've been in operation for more than 30 years. More here about Leverett Crafts and Arts Center, if you're interested.

The event is Sat. April 9th at the Leverett Crafts and Arts Center from 12-4pm.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for considering,
Madeleine Charney