Energy Efficiency Job Openings and Volunteer Opportunities

As you know, Co-op Power has been putting a lot of energy into
building energy efficiency resources for our members and for
communities served by our local organizing councils.

*** Co-op Power's Energy Efficiency programs are launching this
month under Paul Schmidt's leadership. Paul has 23 years experience
in energy efficiency and we're excited to be able to now be able to
insulate and air seal your home! Email if
you're interested in finding out how to upgrade your home.

Paul is hiring now, looking for someone with residential air sealing
and/or insulation experience. Send in your resume to if you'd like to apply.

We have also been building Energia, an energy services company
in Holyoke. Energia will focus on energy upgrades for multi-family
housing. They are looking to hire a Senior Crew Leader
and a crew member. Send your resume to
if you'd like to apply or if you have suggestions of people who
might be a good fit for either position.

Co-op Power members Mark Tajima and Scott Reed have been working
with me for many months now developing Co-op Power's energy efficiency
businesses and energy efficiency/solar hot water installation
green job training programs. If you're interested in volunteering
to work on these projects with us, or if you're interested in
bringing more energy efficiency upgrades to your community/region,
please send an email to me at to let me know
how you might like to be involved.

For more information, please see our site at