Dan Finn, One of Greening Greenfield's Green Heroes

June 2012 - Dan Finn

Buying and Banking locally is Daniel Finn’s Passion

Daniel Finn is Greening Greenfield’s June 2012 “Green Hero” because of his commitment to building community & and a better world by fostering businesses that “do the right thing.”

We asked Daniel why he got involved in creating Pioneer Valley Local First. “Although I was raised in Greenfield, I was born in DC, where my Dad worked for Rep. Silvio Conte as the Minority Council on the Select Committee for Small Businesses. When I was born, my birth was recorded in the Congressional Record, and so small businesses and good government have been in my blood from the beginning. A big aha moment for me came during an environmental studies class at Northfield Mt. Hermon when I realized that economy and ecology have the same root – eco, which in Latin translates into ‘home.’ I recognized the connection between business and ecology: if we do both well, we can take care of our home and, in turn, it will take better care of us.”

“In 2001, I learned about BALLE, the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies.  Later that same year, I helped to found Pioneer Valley Local First. Our mission is to encourage people to think local first so that we buy and bank local first. We encourage companies to be socially, locally and environmentally responsible.  PV Local First has grown to nearly 300 business members in the 3 counties of the Pioneer Valley. Besides a website and local business guide, we hold monthly Local Thirst gatherings where we network and create new bonds among our member businesses."

“I’m pleased that people around the Valley understand the benefits of “buying locally,” but it would be great to do more. Recently, we launched our Bank Locally campaign. Did you know that there is close to $12 billion dollars deposited in banks in the Valley, but local banks hold only 48% of that? If just 10% of the deposits were moved from non-local to local banks or credit unions that would be over 500 million more dollars held by financial institutions rooted here in our community.  Just think of what we could do if all of that money was held locally!”

"Another campaign is called ‘Buy Local, Buy Fair,’ where we worked with Northampton and Conway to become 2 of the 26 Fair Trade Towns in the United States. I look forward to working to make Greenfield a Fair Trade Town as well.”

“I like working with businesses because they offer tangible products and services. They affect every aspect of our lives – our food, clothing, and health.  If they are run well, they can change the world for the better. There is an un-written contract between businesses and the community. When a business offers good products and services and demonstrates a commitment to their communities, the community responds by shopping there.”

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