Calling all gardeners! Regional organic seed farmer needs help...

Hi there,

I am young farmer (originally from Brooklyn) pursuing my dreams and starting a farm in upstate NY. Last year, I have my own gardening business around the city called Edible Landscapes from which I collected and dried some of my current inventory.

To see what I have in stock, go to the "Order Seeds" section of

I built this site myself. Spent all winter on it. I can testify that the seeds are all open-pollinated and grown / processed organically because I did most of that myself too. It's been a long road getting here, so I'm happy that things are finally picking up.

I am writing you now seeking groups or individuals that would be able to get the word out about my seeds and help me increase my sales, so I can finally get to work on this land. This is a crucial time for seeds. This business is just a beginning for me right now. It is spring. And it is sprouting. Every little bit helps.

Looking forward to hearing from you and patiently awaiting spring.

Eat well,
Mihail Kossev