Buy Local, Buy Fair This Valentine's Day

Hello All,

This Valentines make sure to visit locally owned and operated "Blue Marble"
gift shop. Cathie has some delicious and cute Fair Trade Valentine hearts
from the aptly named Divine Chocolate company. Divine is owned by a coco
farmers cooperative, in Ghana, that has a strong emphasis on empowerment of
women in their management. Fair Trade chocolate embraces all the same
principals as FT coffee with a big emphasis on no slave labor. Child slave
labor is a major issue in the production of coco. Fair Trade deals strongly
and directly with this issue.

While you're at the Blue Marble make sure you check out a special blend of
Dean's Beans Fair Trade coffee (another local merchant with stellar FT
credentials), "Bees Blend". Cathie's daughter Bea has been accepted to the
Student Ambassador program and is traveling off to Europe. The Student
Ambassador program is part of the People to People Ambassador programs
started by Dwight D Eisenhower 50 years ago,
Cathie will be raising funds for this trip through the sales of Dean's

So this Valentines help a local merchant and her family and at the same time
support Fair business practices for farmers throughout the world.

The Blue Marble is located at,

191 North Pleasant St
Amherst Mass

Rock On!,

Yuri Friman, Chair
Amherst Fair Trade Partnership